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Falling Trees

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Falling Trees...
soft powdery fire of resins. It's nice. A bit like a man's room candle.
By   - teacher  from chi on 1/26/2020
I love the dry leaves, smoke, and incense. Now if only they offered it in 50 ml so I could afford it!
By   - This N That from Tulsa on 3/22/2019
I blind bought this one, and I wasn’t happy. The scent is nice but it’s extremely subtle and seems like it’s amped up with a lot of Iso E maybe? Ambroxan too? I have at least two other fragrances that smell incredibly similar but without the chemical aspect that I find detracts from the lovely composition of notes here.
By   - Mom from San Francisco on 5/14/2018
Out of all the samples I received of my second batch from Luckyscent, THIS is the one that stood out the most. It is so beautiful and woodsy. Just gorgeous. Not too masculine and not too feminine. Perfect for both. The drydown is wonderful too. So comforting a scent. Why does it have to be so much money for a full bottle, sigh...
By   - Secret Spy, Double Agent and Meddling Provocateur from San Diego on 6/2/2017
I found this to be a bit masculine, but I would LOVE for my boyfriend to smell like this. No hint of any sweet, resin-y, Christmas tree kind of firs here, just fresh and green forest. The description is fairly spot-on, though I would add that the scent is simultaneously bright and comforting.
By   - Graphic Designer from Portland on 2/14/2017
If you long for a woody/evergreen/resinous fragrance, this one is for you. Extremely refined, Falling Trees is a comforting presence that persists without bombast. Equally beautiful for wear by woman or man.
By   - Student from Iowa Park on 1/28/2017
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