Falling Trees

Eau de Parfum

by Regime des Fleurs

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The Scoop

"[Trees] learn and remember; nurse sick neighbors; warn each other of danger ... and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries." – Peter Wohlleben, forester and author

Standing in the midst of an old-growth forest after rainfall, smelling the freshness of the still-moist air, the resinous needles and moldering leaves, the damp, mossy earth, and the faint smoldering of a campfire somewhere in the distance. Majestic, fresh and deeply, primally comforting.

Falling Trees  Notes

Elemi essential oil, juniper essential oil, olibanum absolute, myrrh resin, treemoss absolute, cypriol essential oil, benzoin resin, oak

Falling Trees Sizes Available
100ml $200
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Falling Trees...
I found this to be a bit masculine, but I would LOVE for my boyfriend to smell like this. No hint of any sweet, resin-y, Christmas tree kind of firs here, just fresh and green forest. The description is fairly spot-on, though I would add that the scent is simultaneously bright and comforting.
By   - Graphic Designer from Portland on 2/14/2017
If you long for a woody/evergreen/resinous fragrance, this one is for you. Extremely refined, Falling Trees is a comforting presence that persists without bombast. Equally beautiful for wear by woman or man.
By   - Student from Iowa Park on 1/28/2017
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