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In the xeric wilderness of the mojave desert, trees and vegetation more ancient than many civilizations defy conditions that prey on human vulnerability. The ghost flower is a rare species that dares to blossom above this baked, hard ground. Despite its arid surroundings and inability to produce nectar, the ghost flower, or mohavea confertiflora, maintains its perfect, majestic beauty and thrives year after year. In an astonishing feat of ingenuity, the flower uses mimicry to attract the pollinators of a neighboring plant species by developing markings that resemble those of a female bee, therefore attracting it and duping the male bee into following suit. This moving human-like behavior and captivating tale of survival lies in the foundation that inspired ‘mojave ghost', an homage to this most bewitching flower.

Mojave Ghost opens with a familiar yet mysterious fruit note, like a pear grown on another planet. Languid and almost buttery ambrette and sandalwood facets smooth and stretch these slices of fruit into a golden desert sunset, with petals of violet and magnolia basking in its diminishing light. Warm woods and ambergris remain on the skin for hours, prolonging a magic desert twilight.

Mojave Ghost  Notes

Ambrette, sapodilla, violet, sandalwood, magnolia, ambergris, and cedar.

Mojave Ghost Sizes Available
50ml $150
100ml $230
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Mojave Ghost...
This smells DELICIOUS! The magnolia and cedar is strongest on me. It's a very soft, creamy. It dries down close to the skin fairly quickly, but I feel like investing in the Oil instead of/in combination with the decant will fix that problem.
By   - Teacher from Atlanta on 2/17/2017
This review is for the perfume oil, which, in all probability, does not go through the same developments as the EDP... I find Mojave Ghost to be a beautifully haunting, fruity-floral, somewhat linear scent. Unfortunately for me, as a devoted fan of ambergris, I sniffed, and sniffed, but alas, could not detect it anywhere... And unfortunately for my wallet, I think I will now have to try the EDP as well, in the hopes that my beloved ambergris will make an appearance!!! For those of you who work closely with others as I do, this oil would be a lovely choice, wearing close and clean throughout the day. This lasted approximately 6 hours on my somewhat dry winter skin. Planning on adding body lotion to my aresenal!
By   - RN from Smellington on 11/14/2016
A scent whose name truly suits it, because it is hauntingly gorgeous! Very compelling as in can't stop sniffing my wrist for the hours it lasts! I get a LOT of compliments with this gem. Not your ordinary frag and obviously some don't 'get' it, I'm so glad I do. Now I hope I get it for Christmas!
By   - Designer from Northeast WA on 9/19/2016
This stuff is phenomenal! Beautiful magnolia with a creamy, woody base and tons upon tons of ambrette. I actually don't get anything fruity, which is perfectly fine with me, anyway, I still love it. Lasts forever on my skin and projects like crazy.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 4/25/2016
"Like a pear grown on another planet" is spot on. Fruity without being sweet or obvious. It's like sampling local perfectly ripe fruit while in a lush garden on an overseas trip to a sophisticated, sunny, and exotic location. After a few hours that ripe fruit is gone though, and it's mostly floral. Too bad, it seemed quite promising but seems to disappear.
By   - IT from WI on 4/15/2016
I was head over heels with my first bottle of Mojave Ghost. The second bottle I ordered had to be defective. No smell other than alcohol.....disappointed. I am afraid to order another. I just hate this.
By   - Retired from Cordova on 1/8/2016
I wanted to love this. I live in the desert and the name alone is wonderful. Other Byredo fragrances have been wonderful--La Tulipe and Inflorescence to name two This one--I must be anosmic. I get a faint floral for about 10 minutes and then it's gone. Vanished. Ghosted off my wrist. Anosmic is a personal reaction, so try it and see if works for you.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 6/6/2015
The name is definitely cool and based on the notes I was very excited to try this,but after wearing it 5 times I'm disappointed. The "Ghost" part of the name seems to be referring to the fact that it vanishes immediately and I can barely smell it even an hour after putting it on. It wears more like an EDT than an EDP. I have a very sensitive nose and am not anosmic to anything, but even after an extremely liberal application it is still very faint. It's pleasant enough when I bury my nose in it, but I want to be able to smell the scent I'm wearing as I go through the day. After I put this on I forget I'm wearing it because it's just so faint.In my opinion it needs a much stronger concentration!
By   - Web Developer from Boca Raton on 12/25/2014
I received this as part of the Byredo discovery set. Mojave Ghost is lovely - I can't stop sniffing my wrist. It is soft and haunting - unlike anything I have smelled before. This one is going on my wish list.
By  on 12/18/2014
I received a spray sample from Luckyscent and was pleasantly surprised by Mojave Ghost. It is a fruity floral with ambergris and cedar haunting in the shadowy background. It is sheer, ghostly, spiritual. It wears like a second skin but also wafts into the air with movement so others may appreciate your fragrance aura. It is simple and clean with conservative sillage and lasts about 4 hours. I will get a FB soon based on this sample (plus, the name is ultra cool!)
By   - from Louisville on 11/17/2014
I love this perfume - it's fantastic. A light fruity note opens into a mysterious, buttery, rich and light scent. It wears rather close to my skin, which I love, and I keep coming back for another sniff. I might just have to save up for a full bottle!
By   - Seamstress from Phillipston on 11/3/2014
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