Mojave Ghost

Eau de Parfum

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50ml $180
100ml $265
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Here's what other people are saying about Mojave Ghost...
This smells like a new package of baby diapers freshly opened up and stuck to my skin. Clean, but unappealing.
By   - Bra Innovation from Bronx on 6/18/2020
I loved this sample--beautiful, casual and unfussy and sensual. A perfect every day perfume. However, there is zero longevity here. It is almost undetectable 30 min later, so this is a no go for me. Maybe the perfume oil that comes in a roller ball will have more longevity.
By   - PA-C from Nor Cal on 1/13/2020
i ordered sunday by buredo to test and luckyscent sent me this one dont know why but everytime i get sent the wrong one its the best outcome because each and every swap is beautifull i blush with shame. on to the review: quirky fun playfull "milky" feeling start right from the beginning. then a full turnaround to a classic full on playfull flowery MUSK base. to the end a sparkling sillage is there behaving like a cologne. anosmia is quick with this one but its there with you..
By   - N/A from planet on 5/22/2019
The spiced, airy pear (sure, why not) at the top is delightful, but it may be a joy mainly for the wearer, as this modulates fairly quickly into a sandalwood that retains much of violet’s cool and a bit of magnolia’s close clamminess. (Magnolia being as it is the violet is drowned out entirely for a minute, but be patient.) Ambrette at the top and cedar at the base keep things warm in a fading-of-the-day fashion; I couldn’t discern any large ambergris presence, but I suspect it’s the source of an intermittent twinkling effect on the way to drydown. Sillage is minimal but pleasant.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/31/2018
Unobtrusive, everyday, humdrum, run of the mill, chorus girl who hides timidly on the back row so as not to be noticed if she make a faux pas. Any-day scent to carry you though routine errands, etc.
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 2/5/2018
Destined to become a favorite.
By   - Occupation from Sydney on 10/16/2017
This smells DELICIOUS! The magnolia and cedar is strongest on me. It's a very soft, creamy. It dries down close to the skin fairly quickly, but I feel like investing in the Oil instead of/in combination with the decant will fix that problem.
By   - Teacher from Atlanta on 2/17/2017
This review is for the perfume oil, which, in all probability, does not go through the same developments as the EDP... I find Mojave Ghost to be a beautifully haunting, fruity-floral, somewhat linear scent. Unfortunately for me, as a devoted fan of ambergris, I sniffed, and sniffed, but alas, could not detect it anywhere... And unfortunately for my wallet, I think I will now have to try the EDP as well, in the hopes that my beloved ambergris will make an appearance!!! For those of you who work closely with others as I do, this oil would be a lovely choice, wearing close and clean throughout the day. This lasted approximately 6 hours on my somewhat dry winter skin. Planning on adding body lotion to my aresenal!
By   - RN from Smellington on 11/14/2016
A scent whose name truly suits it, because it is hauntingly gorgeous! Very compelling as in can't stop sniffing my wrist for the hours it lasts! I get a LOT of compliments with this gem. Not your ordinary frag and obviously some don't 'get' it, I'm so glad I do. Now I hope I get it for Christmas!
By   - Designer from Northeast WA on 9/19/2016
This stuff is phenomenal! Beautiful magnolia with a creamy, woody base and tons upon tons of ambrette. I actually don't get anything fruity, which is perfectly fine with me, anyway, I still love it. Lasts forever on my skin and projects like crazy.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 4/25/2016
"Like a pear grown on another planet" is spot on. Fruity without being sweet or obvious. It's like sampling local perfectly ripe fruit while in a lush garden on an overseas trip to a sophisticated, sunny, and exotic location. After a few hours that ripe fruit is gone though, and it's mostly floral. Too bad, it seemed quite promising but seems to disappear.
By   - IT from WI on 4/15/2016
I was head over heels with my first bottle of Mojave Ghost. The second bottle I ordered had to be defective. No smell other than alcohol.....disappointed. I am afraid to order another. I just hate this.
By   - Retired from Cordova on 1/8/2016
I wanted to love this. I live in the desert and the name alone is wonderful. Other Byredo fragrances have been wonderful--La Tulipe and Inflorescence to name two This one--I must be anosmic. I get a faint floral for about 10 minutes and then it's gone. Vanished. Ghosted off my wrist. Anosmic is a personal reaction, so try it and see if works for you.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 6/6/2015
The name is definitely cool and based on the notes I was very excited to try this,but after wearing it 5 times I'm disappointed. The "Ghost" part of the name seems to be referring to the fact that it vanishes immediately and I can barely smell it even an hour after putting it on. It wears more like an EDT than an EDP. I have a very sensitive nose and am not anosmic to anything, but even after an extremely liberal application it is still very faint. It's pleasant enough when I bury my nose in it, but I want to be able to smell the scent I'm wearing as I go through the day. After I put this on I forget I'm wearing it because it's just so faint.In my opinion it needs a much stronger concentration!
By   - Web Developer from Boca Raton on 12/25/2014
I received this as part of the Byredo discovery set. Mojave Ghost is lovely - I can't stop sniffing my wrist. It is soft and haunting - unlike anything I have smelled before. This one is going on my wish list.
By  on 12/18/2014
I received a spray sample from Luckyscent and was pleasantly surprised by Mojave Ghost. It is a fruity floral with ambergris and cedar haunting in the shadowy background. It is sheer, ghostly, spiritual. It wears like a second skin but also wafts into the air with movement so others may appreciate your fragrance aura. It is simple and clean with conservative sillage and lasts about 4 hours. I will get a FB soon based on this sample (plus, the name is ultra cool!)
By   - from Louisville on 11/17/2014
I love this perfume - it's fantastic. A light fruity note opens into a mysterious, buttery, rich and light scent. It wears rather close to my skin, which I love, and I keep coming back for another sniff. I might just have to save up for a full bottle!
By   - Seamstress from Phillipston on 11/3/2014
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