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Eau de Toilette

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This does smell like sunshine. I was in love at first scent. Unfortunately, it doesn't love me back, and matured to a have a slightly sour smell on me. This isn't a nuanced or sophisticated scent, but it does smell like happiness in a bottle.
By   - Marketing from San Francisco on 11/12/2019
After reading the review below by Chris from Minneapolis (below), I purchased a sample of Pluie de Soleil with my niece in mind. I love it for her! It's a very pretty little thing, bright and joyful. The sweetness is lithe and natural, not candied. Toothsome and pineappley from the vial -- more a balance of fruit and flower on skin, with subtly perceptible sandalwood giving the whole a graceful, grounded presence. I can't wait to share this with my niece! If she loves it like I think she will, I will gift her a bottle. Thank you, Chris!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/9/2018
This smells wonderful! Fresh, bright, very fruity - it lifts my spirits right away.
By  on 8/30/2012
Wow I can smell EVERY NOTE listed,pineapple, strawberry, lemon, it's so well blended. Amazing...except for short longevity
By   - from London on 4/22/2012
Adore this. On me, it smells very much like the middle and end of Calyx, an old favorite that I can no longer wear.
By   - Librarian from Bay Area on 3/24/2012
Personally I think this smells almost exactly like Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Fruity and floral. Not a favourite.
By   - from Canada on 3/4/2012
I am by no means a sophisticated scent-master and can only attempt to describe things in layman's terms. As a guy, I love this scent. Fruity but not tacky. No one will think you're wearing a $2 body spray because the smell is far more refined, lasting, and delicious (But It reminds me of the sweet, juicy style). I think Pluie de Soleil would make a great gift for a younger female worth the $100 who you'd like to introduce into a more sophisticated means of smelling like something you want to eat. Perfume elitists should approach with caution, however. The description is dead on for this one. One word - yummy.
By   - Law Student from Minneapolis on 2/17/2012
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