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There is something funky in this one! Maybe it's just my sample? Something almost like a rotting fruit note. I would guess it's ylang but that's not listed…maybe the ginger or blackcurrant? Either way, seriously disappointing.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/16/2020
I have to admit upon first spritz I said to myself 'why do I smell like pot? What perfume did I pick? Isn't this supposed to be....?' What the heck is a 'ganja effect'...and being the out of touch person I am, I put two and two together (aka ganja is slang for pot). I don't like the smell of pot around me or on me, which on my skin lasted for what felt like an eternity. After the wafts of ganja finally flitted away, a lovely warming scent of woods and spices, a very deep milky chai.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
Trayee (The Triad) is in my opinion, to date the best offering from Neela Vermiere Creations. An ode to the three ancient Indian Vedas, the perfume incorporates most of the ingredients used in Vedic ceremonies. The perfumer has also brilliantly divided the notes into 6 beautiful groups: green (basil, cardamom, cassis), floral (jasmine), spicy (ginger, cinnamon, clove), leather (saffron, oud), smoky (ganja, vetiver, sandalwood) and balsamic (myrrh, vanilla). This is modern perfumery of the highest order. A mystical haunting and beautifully sweet fragrance that lingers pleasantly over your skin, and actually induces a meditative healing state and an absolute marvel of modern perfumery that brings us back to the ancient roots of perfumery!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
I ordered this fragrance and was surprised. I will have to share with my mother for Christmas however it is an powerful exotic smell. It has the ginger and similarity to Comme Des Gacons 888. I was looking for something different however nothing bad to say about Neela's line but its not for me.
By   - Project Manager from Lakewood on 12/17/2016
The ginger, elemi, cinnamon and blackcurrant give it an excitingly dusty sweet reveal like the sight of a carnival in the middle of a desert. The thing about this carnival is that all of its rides go in circles. Everything quickly blends together and leaves a monotonous dry powdery sweetness that isn't unbearable, but is stiff and unable to change. There is a quality and craftsmanship about it that deserves acknowledgement but in the end, Trayee, produces the feeling of dining at an extremely fancy restaurant and leaving unsatisfied. Makes the apprecciation for Fusion Sacree even greater.
By  on 1/21/2015
Great new packaging. Looks and feels so much better.
By   - perfume Lover. from Brooklyn on 10/13/2013
OK, so this is hands down one of the best fragrances I've ever smelt. It's achingly, indescribably beautiful and transcendental. Pricy, but worth every scent, and that's not something I say lightly.
By   - from San Francisco on 12/30/2012
Gorgeous, complex, comforting and stirring at once. From the razor green of cardamom pods to the warm, honeyed doughiness and beyond-- it will stay with you longer than most. Literally, figuratively, spiritually. Expensive but worth every penny if you can swing it.
By   - Writer from Chicago on 10/6/2012
Hate the Bottle, couldn't she have come up with something to match the Heavenly Elixir contained within? Perhaps not, this juice is of top quality. I think Amouage has met it's match.
By   - Self from Brooklyn on 9/9/2012
I was hoping this would not be so wonderful because of the price tag, but much to my dismay it is GLORIUS! FBW for sure, but alas I must pay my mortgage and electric bill first so I will have to be content with sample size purchases. This is like spicy smokey pungent sunlight dappled through the leaves of an immense and ancient tree. Oddly, this has a strange sense of time and history to it, and plays along my skin in a hushed and holy manner. It lends a sense of serenity and contentment when I wear it, a feeling that all is right with the world and soon, all things will be understood, the earth spinning smoothly under an unchanging sky. Transcendental!
By   - RN from Florida, US on 4/4/2012
this is my havorite in this range. i love indian perfumes this has staying power and is authentic
By   - nurse from melbourne australia on 2/18/2012
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