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On these beautiful first spring days I’m wearing MOHUR full of roses. Soft, sweet and both so powerful thanks to the spicy leather touch. In the mood for a warm summer to come. Thank you Neela Vermeire creations for the richness of your fragances flavouring my days!
By   - Official city guide, Bruges - Belgium from Bruges on 4/11/2019
Sharp and floral opening that reminds me of walking into a tiled bathroom early in the morning and flipping the lights on - bright, stark, the cold floor, smell of floral hand soap and eggshell blue and white towels. Mohur settles down into a plush buff-colored bathrobe that is comforting, warm, and relaxing. Settles into a cup of hot milky spiced tea. Comforting, lush, and soft.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
A beautiful milky, lightly spiced rose, like nothing I've ever smelled before. Some days it's I am not in the mood for its particularly creaminess, but that's me, not Mohur. Every time I wear it, someone -- stranger or friend, even a TSA guard -- tells me I smell good. What more can you ask for really?
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
There's a sort of comforting milkiness about this that reminds me of other favorites such as Malle's L'Eau d'Hiver and Guerlain's Apres l'Ondee. Perhaps it's the almond and iris? I also didn't realize I was a rose lover until I met Mohur. On me, Mohur is a changeling - I get wiffs of delicate rose sometimes, almond milk and sandalwood at others. Lasting power is average, and sillage is moderate. A very lovely scent, and my absolute favorite of the line.
By   - from Chapel Hill, NC on 2/19/2014
I own full bottles of Mohur and Trayee, and feel inadequate reviewing either; like an art history student reviewing Cezanne. But here goes. Mohur is a gorgeous rose perfume. So much rose! But this is not a shy tea rose, this scent reminds me of a high class dominatrix. She has bathed in roses and milk, attended to her toilette, and is dressed to kill with a luscious purple rose tucked behind her ear. Some incense burns on a nearby table. She is smoldering, unattainable, in charge. And then the leather whip cracks... I tested this perfume around the same time that I tested Portrait of a Lady, and Mohur blew that rose out of the water for me. I wear this when I want to feel more overtly feminine, let my inner dominatrix out a bit.
By   - from Boston on 12/28/2013
There is a Rose Garden by the ocean in Oregon that has its own Cove. Walking from The Rose Garden to beach there is a scent Salt, roses, driftwood and green that is very hard to describe especially if there when Roses in Full Bloom. This perfume is first thing I have come across that reminds me of this place. It takes about a half an hour. With more time scent took on a Rose Almond aspect ,,not cake like. I would say a Persian rose almond Pastry that I have been looking for here in USA but can not find. This may be closest to that as well. After an hour I decided I love it.
By   - Engineering Student from Bloomsburg on 5/10/2013
This is a fresh sweet rose on my skin that is familiar without falling into cliched. A very light-hearted happy smell that has a trace of oud in it only perhaps. It doesn't strike me with the typical dominant oud chord. The middle zone has a ribbon of coriander like spice..which very definitely reminds me of some classic French roses of the 70's. Cheerful and sophisticated and uplifting with complexity to the rose.
By   - from Vancouver on 2/20/2013
Oh, how I love this scent. If you are a rose lover you must try it. It's dense with a good deal of sillage, and the immediate impression differs depending on whether you've applied it lightly (spray and walk through) or heavily (spritz directly and wetly on skin). I prefer a light application, which bypasses a soapy phase that I encounter when I apply more heavily. Mohur is not candy-sweet, but has a jammy sweetness that reminds me of apricot jam and rose petal water, grounded by the earthy woods, spices, and smooth, suedelike leather. I just sprayed some on and my daughter walked into the room and said, "Oh, MY. What smells so good?" I'm baking a cake, but it was the Mohur she meant. This is the sort of scent to wear when you want to be remembered as a lovely person.
By  on 2/20/2013
Very strong and long-lasting. Super powdery and sweet. I don't like it in hot and humid weather because the sweet powder, milk, and leather notes with the strong rose gets cloying. It has a bit of a "baby wipes" drydown. For those who like lots of powder with their roses, and some leather, this could be a winner.
By   - from Miami on 3/24/2012
I am very good at describing perfumes but will say that the description is pretty accurate. On me, the spice is very noticeable in the beginning. It then softens with much less spice. It does remind me somewhat of French floral classics with a hint of the exotic. It "fits" me somehow and I actually rate it 4 1/2 stars. Will try a few more time. Might be FBW.
By  on 1/23/2012
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