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When summer turns to fall and the nights get chilly, this is the scent with which to mark the change. Long-lasting and unusual, but at the same time comfortable as burning leaves and pumpkins in the field.
By   - professor from chicago on 8/1/2020
This one is just really green to me. I get the wintery aspect, but as far as all of the rest (Chandler Burr's review is unintentionally hilarious in its self-induced rapture), I don't really smell it. Maybe a smidge of chestnut, a faint smidge of smoke? The concept is great, though.
By   - Musician from Bethlehem on 1/9/2020
I hated it! It smelled like bell peppers to me, and nothing more. I didn't get anything earthy about it . I had higher expectations because I seem to like this house, but this one was just straight up freshly chopped bell pepper. Very unattractive.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 5/14/2017
An oddball, not only for the notes but for the pace at which they unfold -- I love it. The green notes up top lingered just a little longer than I expected, like those last stubborn patches of lawn at the end of the year; afterward, the scent opens up into an earthy-woody composition with discernible space between notes. (If Steve Reich made music and not perfume...) I was excited for the truffle note and it does not disappoint, rising and falling as it will; warm tarry and olive notes come and go (not Asphalt Rainbow tar but closer to coal) and straw and leaves do what they normally do in winter. If you like Jeux de Peau, give this a look.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/11/2017
Opens kind of resin-y iris, dry and bitter (which I like), then you definitely get the black olive/truffle as it dries down, very interesting and earthy, almost like a pickle smell. Unfortunately the whole thing disappears really quickly after that, like a patch of snow on a warm spring day, leaving only an odd, faint, slightly tar-y sweetness. Would rate it higher if it were more powerful because it's very unusual and interesting.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/11/2016
A very floral green opening, a milder floral drydown with a sharp and unpleasant bitterness underneath. I would say it's more towards the feminine side of scents than indicated.
By  on 2/11/2015
All those intriguing ingredients and it dries down to pure celery seed. Also: celery stalk and celery root. Something strangely urban about it, like a metropolitan, rooftop vegetable garden in which a man of few words has left stacks of dry books.
By   - from Portland on 1/24/2015
Update: Now that I've had a FB for a month and have made this my daily scent, I have to say that I have only become more fond of it as it becomes more comfortable and familiar. And for those who are concerned with longevity of their fragrances, this one is epic... lasts all day and deep into the night. Can't recommend this highly enough. I get LOTS of compliments....
By   - from Providence on 10/27/2014
After more than a few recent sampling adventures that ranged from "meh" to downright offensive, I found myself a bit weary and wary, and ready to go back to some safe old standby. Then I tried on Sienne l'Hiver. This is an out-of-the-park home run on my skin. Absolutely gorgeous. Goes on with an effervescent top note of some purple flower (I don't pretend to know the way that irises actually smell, but this top note said "purlple flower" to me), which was oddly NOT feminine... just very herbal and outdoorsy and green and fresh. But THEN, other things started to happen. I can't say I buy all of this group-think about "oh, I smell ice crystals on Italian cobblestones on January 14th" or "I smell the condensation of the breath of Italian greyhounds in the February mist" and so forth. This is a fall/winter fragrance to be sure... it's a bit smoky and dense for warm weather. But it's not entirely dry like many woody fragrances, it has a pleasant sweetness that is VERY subtle (I don't like sweet fragrances, so you know it's a gentle note). The more this dries down, the more I like it. I definitely get the fern and geranium, wood and a bit of the hay that everyone's talking about. But what strikes me most about this blend is that no single note pops out at all. It is harmonious to an almost unprecedented degree. Everything here just WORKS together. As others have noted, it's not a "winter fragrance" that tries to drive Jack Frost away with Yule log and frankincense and cinnamon sticks and balsam. Instead, it embraces the cold. Which is not to say that it's "cold" in an off-putting way. But it is a bit aloof, without being truly austere. It makes my wife want to hug me, which is always good. It stays pretty close to the skin, which I prefer in a fragrance, and on me it lasts well (6-8 hours later I can still detect it, although it's very soft at that point). I think this could be worn anywhere at any time of day in the chilly months, and I see it as a gimmick-free everyday go-to fragrance. Which is exactly what it is about to become for me. Where'd I put that credit card???
By   - from Providence on 8/22/2014
This is the best winter fragrance ever, and one of my favorite smells. Wear it for yourself, not for others.
By   - college prof. from Hamilton on 2/12/2013
Oh my! Thick sweater, warm fire, red wine...very close, hushed conversation - yeah - all that!
By   - Other from Washington, DC on 11/5/2012
Although it's marked as a masculine scent, I really enjoy wearing it - and I'm a girly-girl. The damp stone and hay notes are prominent to me, and overall it smells like a cold day. More of a winter scent, yes, but with the hot and humid summer we've been having, I've craved those cool winter days. This brings those back well.
By   - Analyst from Washington, DC on 8/14/2012
I'm with those who find this the perfect winter scent. I bought it to wear on moody, rainy winter days. A friend who hates olives had to point out the olive note to me and I do agree it is there, but I don't personally find this one foody (I do not like gourmand scents at all usually)... maybe salty/smoky, in a way that reminds me of a wood fire in the distance, on a chilly walk through a seaside Italian town, bundled in your favorite wool coat and warmest gloves and scarf. See, this perfume inspires people to romantic descriptions! It really is a wonderful, comforting, sniff-your-own wrist scent, and I have to admit it's July now and I'm still guiltily sneaking hits of it rather than my "summer" perfumes.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/12/2012
I think this is definitely a masculine scent but I l liked the description so I bought a sample. This one definitely did not work with my chemistry. The top note was pleasantly woody but only for a second, and it quickly dried down and became unpleasantly like... pine or some household cleaning product on me. To make matters worse it lingered even after I tried to wash it off. Weird. I think this is one of those "love it or hate it" fragrances. Definitely not for me.
By   - Manager from Princeton, NJ USA on 1/1/2011
This was lovely. Enough prescence that I knew it was there, without bowling anyone at work over. Wonderful staying power - full 10 hours, even at the gym! The warm hay on me smelled comforting, rather than musty, and the roasted chestnuts rounded it out. Iris plays well with my skin as well, as it did here. Great fall scent.
By   - Thinker from Colorado Springs on 10/8/2009
Olives and late fall. Much more foody than expected, but still very light, not as complex as I was expecting at all. Failed to bewitch me.
By   - writer from chicago on 2/24/2009
I bought this a few months ago without testing based on Chandler Burr's review. I tried it immediately when it arrived and... didn't like it at all. It went in the back of the drawer. This morning I was reading Men's Health at the gym, and saw that it was highly recommended. Now, I get a lot of good info from Men's Health, so I don't want to sound snarky, but I don't usually take my fragrance cues from them. The review did make me pull it out again, though. And suddenly I love this stuff. Chandler Burr's review and the description on Luckyscent seem pretty much right on. On me, of the notes listed I can specifically identify the geranium, but overall I think it does evoke (but doesn't necessarily smell exactly like) something damp and earthy, like mushrooms or a wet forest floor in the fall, but still clean (maybe it's the green, peppery geranium that keeps it sharp). I think what has changed is the weather - it's cool and the city is socked in with fog this morning. You can't see a block. So for me, this is a fragrance for cool, wet weather, fall more than spring, and definitely not summer.
By   - from San Francisco on 10/7/2008
I was thinking it's a scent that nobody but one's lover would smell, given its lightness, but then my colleague who can't handle scent walked into my office and said "What's that smell? It's musty." I disagree; the 'dampness' I smell is pleasant. It actually opened up and took on an intensity that it lacked in the opening.
By  on 9/26/2008
Just bought a tin of this stuff. It's amazing if you are a winter lover, a "winter baby", (A February Aquarian) like I am. This stuff eschews the usual cliched notes perfumers associate with that season (Christmas cider 'n' cinnamon, ginger, frank, myrrh, spruce, et.al)... and instead magically recreates the empirical smell of a real outdoors night on a bluey, snow-covered city. you'll smell the olive trees, the wistful dead grass and the ancient stone buildings as they shiver and creak in the icy stillness. Unbelievable. My new fave.
By   - perfumista from boerne, TX, USA on 9/6/2008
I get all of those lovely atmospheric village winter evening nuances that other reviewers rave about, but for me these deeply moving accords only last 20 minutes to one-half an hour. The magic disappears as the top notes fade, and the scent dries down to detergent bar soap over an assertive musk base on my skin. Clearly from so many positive comments, your mileage may vary, so this is definitely worth a try - if only to see how long YOU remain in Sienne :)
By   - from LIC NY on 7/31/2008
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