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Reminds me of my signature scent from the 90's: Calvin Klein's Escape (also has notes of peach, Jasmine, & sandlewood/musk in the dry down). But Un Bateau Pour Capri is a much more rich lush and higher quality version of Escape as it brings freesia and peony to the party. It is very airy and billowy & a bit aquatic. This is a perfect feminine spring/summer fragrance. It is both light & heady but also strong without being too over powering. Also has a long lasting silliage. I love anything with peach, freesia, Jasmine. If you want a fruity floral that is classy not teenagery or drug store quality but makes you feel drenched in luxury, this is the one that is done right and worth every penny on the price.
By   - Professional from Hutchinson on 4/12/2018
Very young scent...perhaps best suited for a teenager. Super sweet, vanilla ice cream, peaches in syrup and fresh roses. It's still lovely, just not for me.
By   - None from Los Angeles on 1/30/2018
I had ordered 7 different scents which feature peony. I find this scent very aquatic with some wood, which is almost masculine. As it dries down I get a watery scent mixed with citrus and a soapy floral, with a fresh linen scent. It invokes memories of wearing Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers when I was a teenager. It is a pleasant scent, but not for me. I am left wanting something more feminine.
By   - from Chisasibi, Québec on 6/13/2015
A truly unique scent. I love peony and while this certainly has, it is a far far cry from uni-dimensional. There is something green and slightly salty almost oceanic to balance out the florals of rose, peony, and freesia. I ordered 10 samples of various perfumes. this may be the winnerbut I'm giving it a 4 because I'm not absolutely 100 percent sold
By   - physician/actor from Hanover on 10/20/2013
hooray! i get to be the first to review this fragrance! first off this almost had a tealike note. when i tried it again though i could really smell the peony and rose and that soapy smell and it's pretty good. would be good for warm weather.
By   - pharmacy tech from chapmansboro on 10/18/2012
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