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Eau de Parfum

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What an unexpected treat! I had just about given up on Amouage but of course their dry rose would capture my heart. This is lovely, going on my fb longlist to treat myself someday. I don't feel masculine wearing it but I wouldn't think twice about recommending to a man as well (maybe not every man, but you know what I mean).
By   - Business from Boston on 11/28/2020
Reminds me of Memoir Man; subtler than the other Amouages I've tried
By  on 6/2/2015
Objectively, this is a masculine. Period. Whether or not you find it "too feminine" is another story. The rose is Lyric's engine, just like silver frankincense is the engine in Jubilation XXV. But you'll also find deep green, citrus, and of course frankincense notes. The effect is stunning and unlike anything else I've smelled. It is both bitter and sweet, both radiant and hushed. Like Luca Turin says it gives the sense of "falling forward into a space." It is one of my very favorites.
By   - from Phoenix on 3/14/2015
This fragrance is well done but by no means masculine. Muscle up the wood accord in this otherwise perfect edp, and I would have a sig scent. As is, there's no screamin' way I'd up the big bucks to smell like "Mr. Nice Guy". Though I have to admit,(as tacky as it may sound) ,I occasionally hit this sample with a hefty dose of Molecule 01 to up the manliness factor. And even then I'm really conservative on the Lfm. But then again, florals aren't my fave to wear. Just doesn't quite feel sexy enough, and that's what I usually go for.
By   - from Evansville on 5/1/2013
The finest rose fragrance for men! Longevity is fantastic!
By   - from Fair Lawn on 10/15/2012
I's a guy and will cast my lot with those who do not find this fragrance too feminine. The often mentioned rose note is very well balanced against woods and clean spices and not too feminine at all in my opinion. Lyric feels like a very refined, rich, classic men's fragrance of the type that was more common before modern blandness and synthetic notes took all the fun out of personal fragrances for men. Lyric's siliage is potent and the longevity is unsurpassed, maintaining the gorgeous balance of notes from opening to end.
By   - from Winston-Salem on 9/30/2011
I love it, it's a great rose cologne, and IMO the base comes across as clean and a little soapy, and the touch of sandalwood and pine in the drydown keep it from being too sweet. The rose note is really well done, not a dry rose but not sweet fruity rose either... very well balanced. I disagree it smells too floral and feminine, it is not extremely sweet and the soapy and woody aspects keep it from veering too far in that direction. It doesn't scream MAN, but I think a lot of popular designer scents for men are far more feminine, like Dior Homme and YSL La Nuit.
By   - Engineer from Boulder on 8/25/2011
I guess people either love this or hate it as shown by the diverse reviews. I'm a guy and put me down in the "love it" column. Yes, it's a rose scent first and foremost, and florals on men take some getting used to (c'mon folks, it's the 21st century), but this stuff is simply magnificent. Very, very long-lasting, top drawer fragrance and a little goes a long way. I will buy and wear this as long as it is made, it is that good. And yes, I do agree with the reviewer who said that a woman could wear this as well.
By   - from Florida on 2/25/2011
As Chris said this is WAY too floral and feminine. I gave it to my wife and it's almost too floral for her.
By   - Insurance sales from SC on 2/9/2011
WAY too floral and feminine. Glad I'm only dealing with a sample vial of this.
By   - from Wellington on 6/6/2010
A very nice complex rose, subtle spice notes, for me - a guy - it was a bit too floral, but I give it four stars anyway, it is lovely and long lasting
By   - web design from New Haven CT on 12/31/2008
this is a very rosey rose, you gots to be ready to put forth ROSE, I mean a rose is a rose is a rose and so takes me back to the time the brilliant chick in high school in the crushed red velvet dress that had little mirrors embedded in the fabric wore a sh&tload of rose oil to school one day! I am still trying to wrap my head around wearing this since I just bought a 100 ml bottle. But I would almost classify this as a "headachey" rose...
By   - none from the city on 11/25/2008
Would be great on a woman, not on a man. Very girly
By  on 11/20/2008
Extremely soft and feminine rose scent on a satin pillow of vanilla indeed. My wife took one sniff and blurted out "Teenage girl!"
By  on 11/12/2008
I like this better than jubilation...will be buying this soon either for me or for some one as a christmas gift....what an awesome smell and gift
By  on 11/12/2008
I love this. It's a dry, lighter rose than some of the other masculine roses (for instance, Une Rose by Frederic Malle or Le Labo's Rose 31). It feels fresh and unusual, definitely male but a woman could wear this well.
By   - Retail from Seattle, WA on 11/6/2008
A glorious rose scent for men where the rose is front and center cradled on a delicately spicy, slightly vanillic pillow. Quite simply spectacular.
By   - from Allentown, New Jersey on 10/11/2008
I smelled this at Aedes, and I could not believe, FINALLY! a good men's rose scent. somewhat dry and opulent, a ton of rose, but not cryptic at all. and the bottle is gorgeous. did not buy jubilation, it reminded me of Silver Factory too much, which I already have. Lyric on the other hand was a no brainer, I almost felt guilty when the credit card levitated out of my wallet. But I'll get over it.
By   - colorist from NYC on 10/7/2008
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