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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! This woodsy, gorgeous miasma of notes is such a delicious piece of heaven, It's the perfume of a goddess - warmth and passion all rolled up into a liquid. Wear it and shine!
By   - Novelist from Los Angeles on 5/21/2021
Very impressed with the staying power of this amber- applied at 8 am and still there at 11 pm, only slightly faded. That said, not one for anyone who wants a dwindling amber. Very rich and deep amber with a slightly powdery dry down.
By   - From Home, Pandemic and All from Pittsburgh, PA on 1/25/2021
You have to be ready for this one. Thick, dense, warm, and heavy as a cashmere blanket. I'm getting rich amber, with amber notes and amber drydown. Very intense, good projection. I'm going to save the rest of this sample for winter weather.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, KY on 5/27/2020
The best AMBER on the market..... I have TF Amber Absolute, Amber Absolutely, Armani prive Ambre Excentrico, but this one beats them all. Rich, deep, intoxicating and long lasting. For fall and winter season only. One of the top NICHE fragrance in my collection. I adore it. Unisex...for AMBER lovers. PROFUMUM ROMA is a top notch fragrance house.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 8/15/2019
Warmth, fall, soft sweaters. This amber perfume is light (for an amber) and slightly, ever, ever so slightly brown sugar sweet with a bit of smoke. The musk is lighter than most ambers I've smelled. I'll catch my scent once in awhile at work and just feel comforted, happy and sexy. This is my Fall scent for 2017. FB was worth every cent.
By   - Produce Manager from Cleveland on 11/15/2017
The best amber I've come across... absolutely perfect. I plan to wear all autumn and winter. No one does single notes as well as Profumum. Once again, I'm bowled over by this line.
By   - Perfume Addict from Denver, CO on 4/27/2016
This is more than just an Amber Scent, this is a warm touch of woods, cinammons, brown sugar. Its really provocative to me, a nice fragance, something that I can clearly imagine on late 20s man, I can say i would use it forever, not strong to get tired of it, not soft to not smell it, it develops during the hours particular smells that make you feel confident and delight yourself with your own perfume, Once Again Profumum doesnt fail on this Scent.
By   - Architect from Mexicali on 1/26/2016
I tried this on a whim and am glad I did. I purchased a bottle and enjoy wearing it. Great amber and to me, a bit of brown sugar but I like that. Glad I made the purchase.
By   - Forensic Accountant from Newport Beach on 1/4/2016
Syrup. I'm covered in syrup. My kids coated in sweet stickiness of cotton candy, fruit punch and icing at a birthday party. My first impulse is to wash. No, to scrub myself. I take two aspirins and wait for dry down. Which turns out no less stifling. Tried again. No. Just no.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/6/2015
The most outstanding myrrh perfume I have ever encountered. It is salty, smoky, woody, and vanilla but not too sweet, thankfully. There is nothing else like it. Ambre Sultan on steroids.
By  on 8/10/2015
What an animalic masterpiece grrrrrr. Sexy, lascivious little thing! Like YSL's opium without the obnoxiousness, so much smoother. This is absolutely gorgeous and it had me hooked immediately. A sample was not enough, I had to buy the full bottle, and it is worth every penny I worked for to buy it. Very much look forward to more from Profumum Roma. Ten solid diamond stars!
By  on 6/14/2015
I bought this as a blind purchase. I took a chance. I read the notes, the reviews, Luckyscent's description, and rolled the dice. Let's just say that given these results, I should play the lottery. This fragrance is better than I had expected. It is smoky, spicy, and warm with a burnt sugar dry down, at least on my skin. I also wore it as a base for Amour Nocturne by L'Artisan, and together, it is magnifi-scent! (See what I did there!)
By   - from Louisville on 2/18/2015
This is just so, so gorgeous. It has a smokiness that reminds me of a campfire in the mountains, and I was in love for the first time. It is warm, and luxurious, and comforting, and all things wonderful that amber is, but this is the best. I love it more, even, that Amber Precieux, or Ambre Russe. Must be the myrrh. Highly recommended. Totally worth the money.
By   - ombudsman from Sheridan on 8/3/2014
I'm crazy about a lot of the Profumum scents, so have been trying them all. This is a beautiful amber: Like walking into a Greek Orthodox church in the middle of the liturgy. ON ME: It's sweet, creamy, and a bit powdery. It's also slightly smokey, but not overwhelmingly so. Unfortunately, it's a bit too sweet for my taste (and that's weird, because I'm crazy about Profumum's "Vanitas"). But, wow... it's really amazing.
By   - Writer from Tacoma on 3/17/2014
Oh, oh dear. This is absolutely intoxicating. Rich. Warm. Spicy. It's perfect. It is perfect. But is it worth the price over Serge Lutens' Ambre Sultan? I am currently smelling both back and forth on my wrists and . . . I don't know. Aurea seems to just have *something* more. Something warmer, creamier. I wish I lived near the scent bar so I could compare with a spray of each. What a delicious battle playing out on my skin. If money was no problem I would have ordered the full bottle already. Just gorgeous.
By   - from Savannah on 12/15/2013
Never thought I'd say this about a Profumum fragrance, but this is nasty. Smells like the inside of an ashtray and burns my nostrils.
By  on 2/8/2013
Aurea roars like a Lutens and baffles like a CDG. If you enjoy the beginning of AS and appreciate Avignon's drydown, I'm pretty sure you'll have to at least try this.
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
I've tried many many amber fragrances, and this is far and away the best (followed closely by Ambra Nera and TF Amber Absolute). Creamy and smooth, long lasting, divine. It doesn't have that sharp note found in Ambre Sultan, or that powdery grandma note in many less expensive ambers. Totally worth the $, but I still wish it were available in a 50 ml size.
By  on 1/2/2013
I absolutely love this scent and would make it mine, except... five minutes after I put it on, it's gone.
By   - from Newtown, CT on 8/30/2012
After letting the sampls rest for a day I tested this out in a couple of spots on my skin. The scent is like a true amber resin and ambergris. Reminds me of clean, sweet skin like how a baby smells. It's clean and warm and very nice. A little more complex than Le Labo's Labdanum, but not quite as long lasting and less powdery. If you like this but can't afford it give Le Labo a try.
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/14/2012
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