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On first sniff, this reminded me a lot of Squid by Zoologist, but doesn't give me the "realistic" ocean scent I was hoping for. On my skin, it smells a bit like licorice-scented Carmex. I've never been near an ocean that even smelled a little bit like this, so I'm kind of confused, but it's pleasant enough.
By   - Admin from Portland on 2/26/2021
I originally left a 3 star review for this scent because I was honestly so disappointed that it didn't smell like "the most realistic ocean scent", which as a west coast canadian girl who spends my life by the sea I was hoping it would. But I wore my sample two more times and....I fell in love. What I look for in a perfume more than specific notes is the uniqueness of a scent and this is unlike anything else on the market by miles. Yes, initially the myrtle note was surprising to me because it did smell very minty and I'd never smelled it in anything else before I'm going to try some others by this house but I may end up picking up a full bottle of this after all.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 3/4/2019
This is a very fresh scent and there is a hint of ozone to it. But on me at least it does not smell aquatic, at all. I don't even smell the notes listed, it smells like mint gum. Mint/menthol is in my top 5 notes I never want in a perfume so it's obviously not for me.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 2/26/2019
Sampled this for the first time today and MY GOD!!! This is blew me away!!! I've never smelled a fragrance that captures the smells from the beach so so well! The description is spot on! Nothing about this is sweet or lotion-y. This is literally the smell of standing at the beach on a cloudy/windy day and the air is cool and crisp with the sand beneath your feet. Just amazing! 10 outta 10 all the way!!!
By   - Music Composition student  from Memphis on 1/12/2019
A friend and fellow not-recovering perfume addict gave me a sample. What a jackpot! The scent is delicious, but what really blows me away is that it lasts so much longer than almost anything I have ever tried. I can't remember the last time I went to bed with something delightful on my wrist and still had it with me the next day.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/19/2018
Do you remember maybe when you were a young child playing in the ocean and a wave caught you by surprise and salt water would fill every cavity in your head? Followed up by hours of salty pose nasal drip. That’s what this scent does. Interesting ... yes. Pleasant? No.
By   - Composer from Los Angeles on 7/6/2018
How can this be? I have ordered several samples of this fragrance and have loved it completely. Finally I ordered a full bottle and am utterly disappointed. Past the overpowering alcohol at first spray, there is nothing. Barely a fragrance at all. I wish I could review the notes but there are none, at least not from this bottle on my wrist.
By   - Self employed from Arroyo Grande on 7/16/2016
Yes, this is powerful, and synthetic with a far away ocean feel, when first applied. The first time I applied it on my pulse point as I would do, and it near killed me!!! What upset me the most was the fact that there was smth beautiful there which would almost bring me to tears, but i could not get to it because of its overwhelming initial, to close to my nose blast!!! The next day i only applied it on my wrist, and it was still to much.... The magic happened when i applied it to my ankles, It sounds crazy, but just as walking on the beach with each step i take in the ocean, and it makes me happy. Applied this way, this perfume is nothing more then nostalgia and life once lived by the ocean
By   - therapist from brooklyn, Ny on 7/15/2016
This smells just like Neutrogena Rainbath body wash, which I love, but I'm not loving this sample for some reason. Maybe it's just too strong or too unisex for me. I give it three stars for how long lasting it is though.
By   - Mom from NY on 3/3/2016
Crusty sea salt on sunburned skin after a day at the ocean.
By   - Writer from Roanoke VA on 4/7/2013
You know, as much as I like reading Luckyscent's writeups I chuckle every so often at some of their descriptions, "cherubic children's heads" or some other over the top piece of poetry. However, as soon as I tried this I sat straight and started paying attention to what was unfolding in front of my nose, amazingly everything in Luckyscent's description is true to the last word. Bought a bottle immediately.Who's laughing now!
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
I don't know what beach you've been at, or what kind of ocean you refer to in the description, but it sure isn't like any I've been near. On me this fragrance is not good. I don't get the water, salt or beachy scents, just a lot of sweetness, babypowder and initially even toiletcleaner.
By  on 1/4/2013
I was so intrigued by this review, however sadly my sample seems to be mostly a curiously pepperminty mix of myrtle and cedarwood. No salt whatsoever. Shall be trying Fraaagola Saalaaata next, methinks.
By   - designer from Cape Town on 7/20/2012
low sillage, mild longevity, and I really cannot tell how this has anything to do with salt water or ocean. I just got a clean smelling fragrance that I couldn't pin down or discern from any other calone type frag. I just dont' get this one. There's a basic freshness to the scent. Nothing specific that would remind me of the ocean. I detect no salt, whatsoever.
By   - therapist from ny on 6/25/2012
It's nice, and soft, and more on the watery bright side of floral than anything else. This scent blends nicely and sticks close to the skin. There's no sillage and moderate longevity. I don't smell anything salty or oceanic. I would have to say it's nice but I just don't "get" it. Definitely wouldn't pay $240 for it, that's for sure.
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/22/2012
This is one of the most beautiful perfume samples I have purchased. It's soft and airy and the ocean and sea salt dance on the skin. There is a note that I can't quite pick out that almost has a sunscreen quality to it, but not overwhelming. If you are looking for a summery beach scent this is one to try.
By   - teacher from Columbus on 5/21/2012
Oh, and my skin usually eats perfume-strangely enough, in light of some other reviews, this one and the afore-mentioned Fraaagola Saalaaata last forever on me.
By  on 1/29/2012
One of the few fragrances I can stand on me when it's 100F and the humidity is in the 90s. The other is Hilde Soliani Fraaagola Saalaaata. It has to be the salt, very necessary when you're sweating your butt off. Plus this one smells just like the Gulf Of Mexico where I live, minus the shrimp of course (I love shrimp, just not as a perfume!) One of my "go-to" fragrances in summer heat.
By  on 1/29/2012
The sea scent surrounds a man like a woman that exudes mystery. Excellent scent!
By   - Tour Guide from Las Vegas, NV on 1/24/2012
My daughter ordered this sample and didn't like it so I decided to try it. On me, it's a scrubber. I have a light hand with perfumes and could not get it off. A close friend said it made him think of a too long day at the beach when you have sand in your bathing suit, are feeling "stale", and want to take a long shower.
By  on 9/21/2011
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