Loree Rodkin

Gothic I - Perfume Oil

Roll-on perfume oil

7ml $110
0.5ml sample $5
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I am so happy with my purchase. This is the most beautiful sweet/earthy scent I have ever smelled. I use it everyday on my wrists, no matter what other fragrance I wear. In a word this fragrance is “Enchanting”
By   - Teacher from San Antonio on 8/11/2020
I love patchouli it’s my all time favorite, this fragrance is a high end patchouli it’s magical!! A little goes a long way so even though it’s kinda pricey it’s worth every penny!!! Just a little on my wrists lasts me all day . This will be on my vanity for years to come .
By   - Hairstylist from Worcester on 9/7/2019
I love patchouly oil this oil is my dream scent sweet and woodsy all in one ! I saved up for this and it was worth every penny! A little goes a long way lasts a long time very sexy and mysterious my all time favorite!
By   - Hair stylist  from Grafton on 1/4/2019
If you’re looking for a nostalgic goth scent, this is the one! It’s warm, sweet (but not overbearing), spicey and incensey. It reminds me of a crystal or head shop. The oil is very potent and just a couple of drops on your pulse areas will last you all day.
By   - Music Distribution from Portland on 9/8/2018
Classic goth scent. Unlike the cheapo patchouli oil mixes you can pick up at your local new age or head shop, this stuff is dreamy and smooth. It's like the difference between something cheap you picked up at Hot Topic and a custom-made leather corset. One is built to last. And like the leather corset, you're going to have to pay for the quality. Gorgeous!
By   - Librarian from Fayetteville on 8/1/2016
This scent is HOT. Yes, hot! I literally feel heat around me after applying it. It gives the impression of a burning candle, a very amazing smelling candle that emanates Patchouli, Spice, and Vanilla. Patchouli is dominating the entire scent and it's really magnificent! I think it will have excellent sillage and will report back on the evolution when I know more. Definitely worth the price!
By   - Technology Specialist from San Francisco CA on 2/11/2016
This smells like The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things mixed with Jalaine Patchouli. It is kinda soft and woody (like a wet trunk) with a tiny bit of playdoh mixed in. Interesting.
By  on 1/3/2007
This is beautiful. I have been looking for something exactly like this. Sweet and warm and wonderful. I just wish it was more affordable.
By  on 10/21/2006
At first fruity-vanilla-sweet, and THEN... drydown to a earthy-earthy musty musk. So crazy-delicous-hypnotique, it's almost obscene. I am secretly glad I cannot afford it, because this could easily turn into an impossible addiction!
By  on 8/18/2006
this is it for me! soft and subtle, yes i completely disagree with other reviews that gothic 1 is strong! on me it is soft, warm, soulful and luscious...evolving into a classic. if i could vote with 10 stars instead of just 5 i would!
By   - designer from nyc on 2/22/2005
This is one you have to apply 30 minutes before you leave the house so you don't knock people out with your scent! However, I found the drydown quite lovely. Very warm and sensuous. I didn't find the patchouli too overpowering at all.
By   - from Seattle on 1/23/2005
whoaaaaaa-it conjures up images of woodstock and the patchoulireminds me of my favorite thrift shop-but it definitely is a winter perfume-certainly would smell great on northern gals.
By   - professional from j-town on 12/24/2004
This is the fragrance I have been dreaming of! It is now one of my favorites along with Aroma M's Nobara Cha and Geisha Noire
By   - from RI on 5/4/2004
Wonderful....intense, but soft and long lasting...very special and rich...gets better as you wear it...thanks franco
By   - from Great Neck, N.Y. on 2/25/2004
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