Luckyscent is proud to feature the exquisite perfume creations of Italian perfumery Il Profumo. They’re presented in two forms: one is an Parfum, a long-lasting and rich blend of precious ingredients that, like other parfums and EDPs, is featured on a base of alcohol. The other is Absolu, which is unusual enough it needs a bit of describing. It’s an alcohol-free blend, meaning costly essential and fragrance oils are combined with a light carrier oil rather than alcohol. The Parfum wears much like what you might think of a eau de parfum; we don’t find it to be as super intense as a true parfum, but it definitely has more oomph than an EDT (eau de toilette). The Absolus are very light oils that can actually be sprayed but, of course, the stream is not the free-flowing mist of the parfum (and we don’t recommend spraying the absolu on any type of fabric!) If longevity and easy spraying is what you seek, the parfum is for you. If you’re looking for intense strength and lasting power that goes till the next day, and don’t mind a quickly absorbing oil-based perfume, then you may want to try an absolu.
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