Sarah Baker

Jungle Jezebel

Extrait de Parfum

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I had high hopes for this scent based on the description. I used to love Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Vanille Banane so I was hoping it would something like that. I will just blame this on my body chemistry, but this is the worst thing I have smelled in a looong time. Do not buy this without trying a sample.
By   - Mean Mommy from Berkeley on 9/20/2021
To be fair, I certainly think this is a very unique fragrance and although I love most of the fragrances from the Sarah Baker house, this one is not for me personally. If you love animalic notes like Civet, then by all means check it out. The top notes of bubble gum, grape, and banana last literally 5 seconds and then all I get after that is Civet. Again, not bashing the fragrance or the concept behind it, but it's just to 'out there' for my taste. I do not recommend blind buying this fragrance. Get a tester. Jungle Jezebel is very unique and I think people either love it or hate it.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 5/8/2021
This perfume is one of the most unique and addictive fragrances I have ever smelled. I absolutely hated it when I first smelled it, the civet overload was just too much for my nose but over time it either settled down or maybe I just got used to it but I ended up craving this perfume like crack! I got the hand sanitizer in this scent and that is what made me do such a switch. The scent was diluted enough so that it smelled really different and so much easier to wear but after I got adjusted to that version I went back to the perfume and it smelled so different to me and SO GOOD! This is a perfume you can’t write off quickly, you need to wear it a few times. It’s just amazing!!
By   - Self employed  from USA on 10/19/2020
wow what can I say about this fragrance? it is very unique and is one that will turn heads. The opening of this fragrance is amazing with its banana and bubble gum notes. Before too long it starts to get animalic with the note of Civet. The dry down is incredible
By   - reviewer from Philadelphia on 6/13/2020
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