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Wow! What an opening! When that fresh champaca, and sweet frangipani hits you! This is a true Indian men's fragrance. Some guys will like this, some will not. If you really want to set yourself apart, then this is the fragrance. Then somewhere in the middle comes the florals, black pepper and tobacco- man o man! What a unique turn of scents this takes! Never have I been on a fragrance ride like this one. 5-7 hours on the skin easily, and for $130, it is worth the money.
By   - Administrator from Memphis on 3/27/2021
Wow, O Wow! What an opening! Totally insane, it hits you all at once, but finally settles down to some great florals. Projection is strong, so don't do so many sprays...3 should do it, no more. Guys, the women are gonna love the animalistic bent to this with the civet, and oh yes, that coffee and black pepper that comes thru.
By   - Administrator from Memphis on 2/24/2021
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