Parfum Prissana


Extrait de Parfum

30ml $140
0.7ml sample $8
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Chetyre is absolute genius. If you're fond of strong, smoky perfumes, you'll probably love this. It opens as a powerful galbanum-y leather, then the pine and spruce and balsam fir and lavender come in, then it gets a little softer, I guess the vanilla or musk? But stays pretty dense - never goes fully into floral or anything like that. To me it smells like a walk in a cold, smoky forest. Lasts a long time, too. Just fantastic.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/15/2021
Love this. Very dark. Big blast of leather to start with, quickly followed by an intense incense, and then a powerful combination of herbs - the galbanum, spruce, pine and lavender come together in an amazing way here. I would not have been able to separate them out myself, but knowing they're there, my nose can find them. Settles down into a beautiful bitter, slightly medicinal woodiness, like an old attic. Prissana has become a go-to because there are so many excellent, unusual fragrances here, and I think this one is my favorite.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 2/6/2021
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