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I thought I liked this, I really did. I had a sample that I literally poured on myself multiple times until it was empty. It was rich, spicy and earthy on my skin, and I was all about it. Then I bought a full bottle. And every time I spray it, I hate it. It smells like damp soil and cucumbers upon first spritz (I think it's the chamomile mixed with herbs I'm disliking so much), and that element never really goes away, even hours later. My guess is that aerosolizing it changes how the notes present themselves, or my sample was old or something, but how I miss that sample. The full bottle can go back underneath the wet, rotting log from which it came.
By   - RN from Durham on 9/29/2021
It wears as a somewhat airy scent, almost water-like (not the dark aspects one might attach to it's name). I haven't smelled anything like it before. Very well blended for this nose (while juggling all those notes). Totally wearable. Will look forward to exploring more from this house.
By   - artisit from Los Angeles on 11/30/2020
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