Parfum Prissana


Eau de Parfum

30ml $140
.7ml sample $8
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Perfumes are so very hard for me, and this one is wonderful. It takes a lot for me to say that. I'm not a fan of white flowers, cedar and musk amp up on me till I smell like a used hamster cage. No worries, this has none of those. This may be (and it's still early, to be sure) my holy grail. It comes in 30 ml, which is ideal, and the scent is amazing. By turn, it is citrusy, green, woody, lightly floral. The blending allows the scents to rise and fall, so the wafts off my wrist are always different. It's not a big sillage (thank goodness!) but it has lasted and developed over the last two hours. I think it could easily work on a man, but on my wrist, it is feminine, delicate, but not wimpy.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 2/21/2020
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