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Scotch Peat

Eau de Parfum

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This is a fairly linear (not a bad thing) perfume with great silage and longevity. While I don’t see Oud nor Saffron among the choir of notes, which at first blush one might think a cacophony, it begins with a subtle, woody, Oud-like character. It dries down to a Saffron-forward perfume with a slight sweetness on its back foot, I’m assuming from the booze. I don’t know if the intent here was to create the aforementioned accords, but no harsh “sounds” here. If you love Saffron (which often gets buried by many Oud-forward perfumes) as I do, don’t let this one remain a stranger to you! Four stars for the accidental (I think) accords, and value vs dollar.
By   - Actor from Washington DC on 10/8/2020
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