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Salted Green Mango

Eau de Parfum

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On first spray, yes, this smells exactly like a salted green mango that could be handed to you from a cart in southern Thailand. Unusual and refreshing. For me personally it dries down to a sweet sandalwood. I can smell the salt if I look for it, but in this drydown it's now not really special. If this retains its greenness on your skin you may love it.
By   - PI from NYC on 5/3/2021
Comes off super green and spicy, with lovely hints of green mango. 30 minutes later, it unfolds into this creamy, yet dry tropical scent that I constantly dip my nose into. Its sexy! I bought it about a year ago thinking nothing of it, and a few days ago, I randomly tried it again, sitting there shocked as to why I never acknowledged the layers of this perfume, now I'm buying a full bottle.
By   - Working Somewhere!  from Albuquerque on 4/9/2021
I got the "Best of 2020" sampler pack, and this was my favorite by far. It's both wonderful and unusual.
By   - Editor from Billings on 3/4/2021
I am so intrigued by this fragrance. Each time I wear it brings joy. I sometimes spray my arm just to smell it while I go to bed. Weird. Yes. I love to wear this especially when it's humid , rainy sticky hot weather. I will need another bottle, which are very reasonable priced.
By   - sea shell collector from Atlantic Beach on 8/17/2020
Smelled wonderful, exactly like salt, mango, and greenery, for a hot minute, and then it smelled exactly like soap. Not any particular brand of soap, just soap, a generic type of soap.
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 6/19/2020
Spectacular scent...a true event to experience. I've sampled over 500 scents in my day and this is only the 2nd review I've ever done. The name speaks for itself as to what to expect but almost a freshie aromatic with green in abundance, with floral undertones. A true unisex masterpiece but leans masculine
By   - Retail Store Mgr from Houston on 5/12/2020
One spray and I’m still smelling it 24 hours later. Delicious green delight which changes over time. Sweet caramel and sugar glazed melon. A musky incense which clings and enhances an otherwise straightforward Juice. It’s not as weird or mysterious as the promotional material would have you believe. It is however a direct shot at the perfume industry which hocks mediocre products for absurd prices. If nothing else you should support this brand for making quality products at an amazing price point.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 5/12/2020
One word.....GROOVY!!!!
By   - Veterinarian from ft lauderdale on 4/21/2020
I am normally drawn to florals and to be honest, this is the strangest scent I have ever sampled. Having said that, I am drawn to each note of this fragrance. The name fits perfectly, but do not let that dissuade you! Would make for a great unisex scent as well.
By   - Veterinarian from Ft. Lauderdale on 4/19/2020
On me this is soft sandalwood with an aura of magnolia and some supporting green notes, perhaps the mango, I'm not sure. It is subtle enough to be an everyday wear and interesting enough that I want to wear it every day.
By   - Perfume Fan from Windham on 3/6/2020
Conflicted with this one. At first (and I hate to say it) it comes out the bottle smelling like L'eau D'issey. It was a bit unexpected given the listed ingredients? Sadly, the dry down was super quick and only the vetiver and sandalwood are left which smells as if I am standing in a parking lot and people are doing donuts. Every once in a while I will smell a whiff of the citrus (my SO says he can smell the mango), but as quickly as it comes it disappears with only soot left in my mouth.
By   - Designer from ATX on 2/25/2020
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