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Proxima Sizes Available:
30ml $135
0.7ml sample
0.7ml sample sample $7
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Here's what other people are saying about Proxima...
Love this fragrance, it is perfect for spring/summer. Such an uplifting scent and by far my favorite of the first three creations from the brand - bought a full bottle.
By   - Engineer from Seattle on 5/29/2020
As a person who just stepped into fragrance world I will have to say this perfume smells very much synthetic to me. It opens up with bunch of fruits and it's very fruity from head to toe. I won't say it's a quite womanly scent but it's definitely very girly. To me it is very thin and it does not have complexity. I wouldn't wear it to any events. I will choose jo Malone over this one to run if I decide to smell good and clean in supermarket. It does last long though.
By   - sales from St. John's on 4/22/2020
Proxima is stunningly beautiful. The fruity top notes are like inhaling an effervescent pink champagne. Over time the gorgeous white musks take center stage but it never becomes too powdery or sweet as the "fizz" stays with this fragrance throughout the dry down. I will definitely need to get back up bottles of this.
By   - paper pusher from Alexandria on 3/27/2020
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