Anthologie de Grands Crus

Bergamote de G. Franco

Eau de Parfum

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Context: Dry air climate with dry skin. Bergamote doesn't have a long lead in, but it does start with the lovely Italian bergamot oil. Afterwards the mimosa, osmanthus, and saffron swirl together into a heady mixture. It sits very close to my skin but when i do smell it, it is like someone took a spiced orange honey and dipped my skin into it. The saffron keeps the bergamot notes from becoming too sticky sweet, and the osmanthus keeps the saffron from becoming too 'peppery' (for lack of a better word). A beautiful blend but not personally for me. The sillage is not large, and the lasting power was about 3-4 hours in my case.
By   - Hobbiest from Canada on 2/25/2021
It's a very good, almost smokey bergamot; after an hour there's no more bergamot. At that price point you gotta last more than an hour!
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
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