Anthologie de Grands Crus

Vanille d'Amine

Eau de Parfum

Vanille d'Amine Sizes Available:
30ml $210
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Vanille d'Amine...
I ordered the discovery set and I really don't like this one. Everything in this line has a sharp, wimpy underpinning (similar to Le Labo) that weaves a continuity between them. Dare I say they smell almost unfinished. In most of these perfumes, it creates a lovely, undone feeling that's very relaxed, but this one is just...languid. The vanilla is a very nice quality with some unique, delicate nuances but it's unsupported. The scrawny clove note snatches the attention in a pyrrhic victory, then takes a dehydrated nap. It's a sad experience. That being said, I'm eager to try next year's vintage, the concept behind this house is worth following!
By   - Journalist from Columbus on 5/24/2020
Upon first sniff, I was reminded of Christmas! This is a gorgeous perfume with prominate clove and plum notes, but the clove is not harsh, it is smoothly blended like a fine mulled wine. The vanilla is different as well, not really sweet. Looking forward to testing some of the others from this line!
By   - health care field from Midwest town on 11/10/2019
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