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Ambre Stone

Eau de Parfum

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This was added as a free sample with my latest order and I must say these guys know their customers' tastes, First I must say I do not like bergamot (and I'm being kind). That 90% of mens fragrances are dominantly bergamot is criminal to me. The amazing thing with Ambre Stone is, while this contains a small amount of bergamot, it's almost irrelevant. My first whiff of Ambre Stone left me in a state of enrapture. I put it away, waited half an hour and went back for a second whiff, only to return to that most pleasant state. I only pray my body chemistry doesn't screw it up... My most emphatic endorsement is, move over Rausch, Ambre Stone has replaced you as next month's acquisition.
By   - Lay about from Boston on 5/11/2020
Smellable CRACK. Antoine Lie manages to take 5% real ambergris and make it shine like I have never experienced. First sniff I was in love, and knew I was smelling something very special. The smell and the quality of materials will blow your mind. I get excited about once every 100 samples, and Ambre Stone is one of those.
By   - Retired from RENO on 1/24/2020
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