Les Indemodables

Cuir de Chine

Eau de Parfum

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SO, there are "clean" scents which are light and nice and not exactly suggestive, and FRESH scents...which are clean but remind you that showers involve "getting naked." "Cuir de Chine" gets fresh. What comes to mind while I smell this is the "first dates with a major crush vibe," the balance of respectful&suggestive. It's like hugging someone who's wearing a new leather jacket and getting butterflies when you catch a whiff of their slightly citrus-y shampoo. Yes, you can absolutely wear this at the office (does anyone go there anymore?) and you will just smell good. But, you can dress it up and honestly wear it anywhere. Well done to Les Indemodables, I am twitterpated.
By   - Bookseller/Marketing from Los Angeles, CA on 1/19/2021
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