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Musc des Sables

Eau de Parfum

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This is a gorgeous enveloping soft powdery musc. In the opening is all about the dusty orris being propped up by patchouli. In the way way dry down, this reminds me of vintage Coty Wild Musk only much more refined. Very velvety smooth, massive sillage for the first hour then pulls in close and lasts forever on my skin. I think this would be good all year round too given you go easy in warmer months. I think you'd love this if your into classic scents with a modern vibe, superb composition.
By   - Scent sniffer from USA on 3/12/2021
This perfume is my cool weather dream. It is warm and spicy and if I could get inside it for the winter, I would. It does have a powdery aspect, no doubt, but it is the most beguiling of powders. Overall it is melty, spicy, somewhat old fashioned perfection. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I smell like my great grandmother; however she was very glamorous so I'm not upset about it. One spray lasts all day for me and to my delight it doesn't project massively.
By   - Painter  from Toronto on 11/21/2020
The only other reviewer so far nailed the problem with this; the powder takes a looooong time to fade. They are right, it’s an expensive powder but powder none the less. I didn’t wash it off though and if I could get a bottle of the very final scent that has been there, lingering underneath the whole time and remains on it’s subtle, heavenly own when all that powder has finally drifted away, I might never wear anything else. If the description that Lucky Scent wrote for this sounds good to you, get a sample and try it. Or, if you like very high end powders, it might be your new favorite. I’m kind of curious now to see if anyone else wears it differently than we did.
By   - Artist for the last forty years.  from Varies on 8/24/2019
This was interesting. A little spicy. Hint of expensive smelling powder becomes more pronounced over time. after an hour, however, it was all powder on my skin. Baby powder. SO many fragrances dry down to a power smell on me and unfortunately I don't enjoy that, so I did wash it off after a while - but I did love it for a bit! For someone who enjoys the powder smell, it might be for you.
By   - HR from Denver on 8/9/2019
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