Thomas Kosmala

No. 6 Brume Radieuse

Eau de Parfum

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A very interesting, almost gourmand type fragrance but lighter than most gourmands. I was surprised to find that this was an oud scent! If you don't like oud, don't fear this one. Not the usual oud fragrance at all. It had a familiar note that took me awhile to place; eventually I realized that whatever it is, it reminds me of the original Donna Karan (now discontinued) fragrance in the black and gold bottle. Almost like there's a bit of leather in there with the gourmand notes. Maybe THAT's the oud. Whatever it is, it took about 3 minutes for both my kids and my husband to tell me I smelled great. Wears close to the skin but had a good amount of sillage in the early hours.
By   - Health Care from San Diego on 10/13/2019
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