Thomas Kosmala

No. 7 Le Sel de la Terre

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about No. 7 Le Sel de la Terre...
Dead ringer for Love's Fresh Lemon - I haven't worn/smelled that scent in 30 years and this took me back there instantly. It's nice, simple, and very inoffensive if you are sensitive to perfume, but really hard to justify for the price.
By   - attorney from Portland on 5/17/2021
This is my summer go-to scent. It is light, airy, citrusy, but nicely balanced.
By   - Program Director from West Lafayette on 7/10/2020
I can only hope that others have this scent last longer than it does on me. I am giving it 4 stars because IF it would keep its mojo going with that initial burst of lemony joy, I would love it. For me though, it is short lived and therefore not a buy.
By   - writer  from chicago on 1/10/2020
Never received more compliments from scent sensitive people I know and total strangers than I did when I wore this sample, Definitely a full bottle purchase.
By   - Writer from NORTH HOLLYWOOD on 9/26/2019
I absolutely love this perfume!!!!!
By   - manager from Philadelphia on 9/20/2019
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