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Oud For Greatness by Intitio. Never has a name been more suited such as this one. It carries the same dna of BR540 but with oud as the main theme. There is an old GMC Yukon Suburban commercial on YouTube where seven 4x4 are crossing a long bridge and towards reaching the end this Black Yukon 4x4 Suburban shows up around the corner driving onto the bridge not having any intention of giving way (as it should have) but instead kept driving thus forcing all the other vehicles to drive in reverse off the bridge allowing the BEAST to cross over (the end of the commercial) it simple wrote: POWER DEMANDS RESPECT Well... Oud For Greatness simply DEMANDS RESPECT amongst other niche Perfumes and it makes no apologies for it!
By   - . from NY on 9/22/2021
Ladies and gentlemen behold! Oud for greatness 10/10 fragrance. Masterpiece of a fragrance. There is nothing that could be said that hasn't been said already. Beautiful oud smokey, mysterious, Devine. ultimate PANTY DROPPER!!!! experience the unexpected truly the best cologne out there for the price. With that being said women find this scent alluring dare to say will do wonders for most men even slightly heavy set too LOL. all jokes aside recommend 110%.
By   - customer service representative.  from ENCINO on 9/16/2021
Loved at first smell! earthy and light short lived scent.
By   - Independent Contractor from SPARTANBURG on 2/23/2021
I purchased this after smelling in person at NYC location. Sadly it was not anything like remembered. It's entirely too strong and does not smell high quality. It does last long however not the type of fresh oud I prefer. Very masculine but without any sex appeal.
By   - studen from San Antonio on 11/14/2020
I saw the rave reviews from my fellow Instagram Fragrance heads. Everyone was saying that this is like a beautiful cousin to Baccarat Rouge; and they were right. This sample was actually gifted to me along with one of my fragrance hauls from LuckyScent. I put the sample on my arm, and OH MY GAWD. As they say in Spanish, "Fue un Flechazo". I am so in love with this perfume. YES it has some similar vibes to it like BR 540, but this perfume adds a bit of a woodsy, cardamom, oud slightly masculine tone to it. Yes, the price is high, but it is so worth it. If you had only a few perfumes to choose this year, do this. You will not be disappointed. GORGEOUS.
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 6/19/2020
This is the perfect oud fragrance! I love it. It's the perfect amount of oud not too heavy. Some other notes in here too, a little spice. It's well worth the money, I will be getting a bottle of this !
By   - Self employed  from Vienna on 5/13/2020
I have tried approx. 60 samples and I finally found the holy grail. This fragrance is amazing. Smell/check, silage/check, longevity/check, and projection/check. I have had people stop me and ask me what I'm wearing. Would recommend for Fall and Winter. Great smelling fragrance.
By   - RN from Dallas on 1/9/2020
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