EO No. 1 EdP

Eau de Parfum

by Ensar Oud

EO No. 1 EdP Sizes Available:
50ml $395
0.5ml sample $10
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A lovingly crafted modern Floriental with very high quality Cambodian Oud. The perfume opens with a blast of the Cambodian Oud and proceeds to a floral heart comprised of Taif Rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and lavender. It finally dries into a mossy powdery base of sandalwood, tobacco and oakmoss. Well blended, with moderate to strong sillage and good longevity, this is a unisex composition that will delight lovers of modern Oriental perfumery. However, there are many similarities to similar high quality Oud based fragrances released recently. So you can probably pick one between this and say Sahraa Oud. A very nice first perfume offering from this line. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/23/2019
similar to Ohira 777.
By   - none from none city on 10/19/2018
Let me be the first to say that this an icon in perfume. It is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled! So simple, and such beauty. It waft around all four of its note like a ballerina. I’m shocked...I now own a soon to be classic! Congratulations to Ensar...and all natural ingredients...fabulous! Thank you Luckyscent for carrying this.
By   - Prof from Asheville on 9/27/2018
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