Tres Chere

Eau de Parfum

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This is why I always try samples blind, and why I should try frags more than once-- I remember not liking this the first time, perhaps because of how subtle it is. Very soft, and more Femme than unisex, it just whispers in my ear. Lovely citrus blossom notes precede the rest of this lovely scent-- I can get vanilla and sandalwood, but it just comes off as powdery. Very fresh and well balanced.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 1/31/2021
Oh my goodness! If you want to smell f'ing amazing this is the fragrance for you! Luckyscent does an excellent job with their descriptions which is bad for my wallet but man- they nailed it with this fragrance. Sweet and salty, soft and powdery, warm and floral, this is a sophisticated, feminine fragrance for vanilla lovers. I love the way this is perfectly balanced. Not too sweet. Not too floral. Not too fresh. Not too woodsy. Not too VANILLA. This is an elegant, game adult vanilla lover's dream. Easy to wear. Love at first sniff. BUT not too linear. Dries down to a cozy, creamy sandalwood fragrance with pretty layer of vanilla dusted on top. Pure LOVE in a BOTTLE.
By   - Holistic Health Coach/ Beauty YouTuber from Portland on 12/15/2020
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