Fort & Manle

Forty Thieves

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Forty Thieves...
Delicious incense but not the kind that hits you over the head. Reminds me a little of Calling All Angels by April Aromatics but less animalic. I'd wear Forty Thieves on the first date and Calling All Angels on the third. *wink*
By   - Cat Mom from Olympia on 9/8/2020
Oh wow...! This is wonderful! I can tell that it has that characteristic Fort & Manle DNA like the other fragrances in this line. Very sophisticated and a tad sweet right after spraying but it settles down into a very comforting skin scent. The petitgrain is well done and the incense is just enough to tease you. Very well done!
By   - Medicine from Atlanta on 11/1/2018
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