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This is the best, I adore the fruity camphorous quality of the lavender and oud! A must sample for anyone who likes woody-sweet perfumes. btw - definitely not just for men.
By   -  - from - on 8/4/2021
Ditto on the odd mentholated/camphor note. Very drug-smelling--like an antiseptic or anesthetic made out of a tobacco/chocolate distillation. I happen to like the odd drug smell; it makes me think of old-world folk potions and alchemical elixirs. This would be an incredible candle; but it's a bit strange as a wearable fragrance.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 9/22/2020
This is by far my favorite fragrance from this house. It's alluring and mysterious, lavender smoke blowing in the wind, drinking bitter hot coco, and the cool sky is purple. This is a great cold weather scent. I wish I could wear this year-round, but I don't know how it will read in warmer weather. It's 100% unisex. Don't hesitate if you're into lavender and chocolate. You won't regret it. I also enjoy wearing this in different intensities. One spray is mysterious, two is alluring, three is delicious...although four may be cloying.
By   - Winemaker from Napa on 1/8/2020
Starts out with a smooth oud and and 45 seconds after initial spray a gorgeous lavender is introduced - they go together brilliantly, and there is a just enough dark chocolate (slightly bitter) to support the whole scent poetically. But hold on... This would be an absolutely outstanding fragrance if it wasn't for that mentholated/camphor or whatever they used to ruin the fragrance. If they would just drop that vicks vapor rub note, it would be full bottle worthy.
By   - Minister from Cottonwood, CA on 2/27/2018
amazing! has a benzoin/alcohol hit then drys to a menthol cool sure im missing many other notes....its good
By   - - from - on 2/6/2018
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