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Not impressed at all. The scent, if any, is nearly non existent. You could shove the whole vial up your nose and still barely smell anything. You sure you didn't just send me water?
By   - Warehouse from Las Vegas on 7/15/2021
Originally discovered Fort & Manle in the Spring of 2018. Went through 2 bottles of Maduro and purchased a third bottle in February of 2020. Unfortunately, this third bottle smelled nothing like the last two. The warmth and complexity were completely gone and it smelled like a cheap pineapple-lemon aftershave. Contacted Luckyscent thinking something went wrong with this bottle and they replaced it. Upon trying the replacement, I realized the fragrance had been reformulated. My heart was broken as this was my signature fragrance. I know Fatih Sultan Mehmed has been reformulated as well. I am frustrated a scent could be so completely altered and the house not be transparent with the buyer.
By   - FNP from Kuna on 12/20/2020
herby, spicy, green/fresh, its dang good!
By   - - from - on 2/6/2018
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