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Mischievous, elusive, and daring at the same time. I find it difficult to assign this scent to any category (such as: sweet, fresh, herbal, spicy, floral, etc.), and I love it for this quality. It makes a statement without making any specific statement. It is distinct, and yet I'm not sure I would be able to recognize it on somebody else. It is constantly changing indeed, as another reviewer already mentioned. "Deception" is a spot on description for this fragrance.
By   - research from Washington DC on 5/29/2019
Received this first as a single sample and then bought the Fort and Manle discovery set. This is my favorite in their line. It is complex: rose dominates for me but there's an umami to it that is so sexy . It reminds me (although not literally) of a foie-gras stuffed prune in its sweet meaty depth. It lasts a long time but does not overwhelm. I am a novice to niche fragrance and prefer sweet gourmands but this has served as a gateway drug to more avant garde, funkier scents. Others have claimed it a masterpiece so I feel validated.
By   - self employed from NYC on 3/19/2019
This has a cold, mature, medicinal quality. It has extremely long lasting power and the fragrance is transportive; It takes you to a luxurious cabin in the woods where an elderly grandparent is recovering from an illness using a humidifier and cough least to me. It also made my lips go numb.
By   - Cosmetologist  from Manchester on 3/10/2019
Phenomenal longevity and prismatic overload of fruit, florals, and impressive chocolate. Constantly changing, one moment it's lush pears and amber, next it's vanilla and chocolate, or floral and almost an incense quality to it. Well named and stayed with me all day. Currently the only perfume from Fort and Manle that has kept my interest and I would consider buying a small bottle of.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
this was a scrubber for me. Some floral note REALLY did not agree with me or it could have been the truffle. But I am not a fan of garden-y scents--I had tried this as part of the sampler set. I got absolutely no whiff of pear or chocolate in this.
By   - writer from chicago on 6/9/2018
This is great! The write-up here is lovely and fun but that's not what I get. It's the last two sentences that sum it up for me. This very picky perfumista wants a bottle.
By   - managerial from manchester on 3/8/2018
floral, rosy, its more feminine, not exactly a man's scent
By   - - from - on 2/6/2018
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