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Falling Into The Sea

Eau de Parfum

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What is with all of these bland reviews? This fragrance is just SO amazing. I received a sample of this quite by accident as it was included in my book of Sundrunk as a little bonus. One sniff and I was hooked. It does indeed smell like the sea on a calm easy day. - breezy, refreshing and relaxing. I have a collection of fragrances that I wear for myself at the end of a long stressful day and this will be added to that grouping with a FB purchase. Love it..
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 5/14/2021
Smelled like I opened a bag of gummy worms. Did not last long on my skin. I'm a special case, granted.
By   - warehouse from Vacaville on 3/10/2020
The notes sound wonderful, but I don't pick up the bergamot, lychee, or tropical flowers in this. That could just be me. The lemon and grapefruit produce a dry herbal, almost medicinal scent on my skin. Not pleasant on me, but if it works for you it does have excellent staying power.
By   - retired from Austin on 3/16/2019
Date, clean, fresh, light
By   - Health Care from Houston on 9/25/2017
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