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Really nice, clean lily of the valley. Stays clean and green without ever going soapy. When I run out of my byredo inflorescence I'll get this next! Can't justify it til then, they're so similar on me although the byredo is a bit more creamy
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
This is an exact replica of lily of the valley. It is done so perfectly and beautifully. I really just don't care for lily of the valley's scent, but it came right back to me when I smelled this, so I scored it highly for accuracy.
By   - Nanny from Brush Prairie on 6/25/2018
This is delicious! Fresh, crisp, clean, airy...captures lily of the valley beautifully! Delicate but clear, a lovely soprano of a scent that hovers gently and never sinks to powder, cloying, or sickly sweet. It's a breath of spring in the midst of winter. And a minor miracle: my partner loves it too! He adores bright-scented spring flowers like daphne, hyacinth, honeysuckle, lilac, roses, etc., but it's seldom he finds a perfume he likes (and I've gotten a *lot* of samples!). When I spritz this on, though, wow! His nose lights up like a puppy at a barbecue and he follows me around the house! :) Definitely 5 stars!
By   - Ecologist from Portland on 12/26/2017
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