Tel Aviv

Eau de Parfum

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Easy going citrus opening, splashes of freesia and definitely musk. Crisp and bright, straightforward. Ends in a soft whisper of sandalwood and benzoin with just a tinge of the bergamot hanging on. More of a full on sunshine perfume, when you need a good mood uplifter with sparkling white florals and citrus that isn't too overbearing. Longevity was decent, about 5-6 hours.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
The ratings are for the pleasant scent, but this by no means should be considered unisex or even belong on a man's skin. Upon first blast reminds me of that old 80's classic hairspray, such as Aqua Net, then it immediately settles into a floral scent of JASMINE. Again, in my opinion, not masculine at all.
By   - Smeller from Los Angeles on 5/9/2018
Very fresh and uplifting with lots of chutzpah, just like the city of Tel Aviv itself.
By   - Health Care from Houston on 7/27/2017
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