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Extrait de parfum

50ml $550
0.7ml sample $10
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If I were to ever dine with a prince or Emir in Doja and we share the shisha, it would be no less than this. Woodsy,smoky,and very sexy!
By   - Nurse from Atlanta on 3/5/2018
You're on your way to lunch on a hot and sunny day, and your girlfriend stops you so that she can grab some cotton candy on the street, and you pause, because that's odd, right? You then make your way out into a city garden and sit on a sun-soaked wooden bench, surrounded from behind by jasmine and roses. You start slicing up some pears to begin your meal, but she stops you again - this time, to trade you her cotton candy for your pears. As she reaches across your lap, you catch the scent of the back of her neck, thick with sweat and faint vanilla from the cologne she used that morning. When you finish your lunch and get up to go, you offer to carry her leather purse, and she kisses you in return. Qatar by Roja Dove.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 2/10/2018
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