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Musk Aoud

Extrait de Parfum

30ml $485
100ml Extrait de Parfum $795
0.7ml sample $14
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Here's what other people are saying about Musk Aoud...
I really don't like this but it's not fair to give it one star. Such great reviews on Fragrantica. Call it peer pressure this extra star. I love Oud but this isn't oud and just a hint of musk. Simply put it is a sweet tea that lacks any point of view or conviction. It needs a squeeze of lemon, something to cut the sweetness. I know some perfumers celebrate the genius of chords. Notes when combined become something else beyond what god made, undefinable and transcendent. Unfortunately this has underachieved and is one over priced sublimation. Note to self.
By   - Smoke Collector from Tributary on 7/10/2019
This would be a good summer night fragrance. To me the musk is not overpowering but just right.
By   - Account Services from Omaha on 3/14/2018
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