Roja Parfums

Reckless Pour Femme

Eau de Parfum

Reckless Pour Femme Sizes Available:
50ml $315
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Reckless Pour Femme...
Reckless is a delicately sweet, feminine gourmand with a soft warmth to it. It smells a bit like marshmallows, albeit sophisticated marshmallows. I'm not into gourmands, so Reckless isn't my cup of tea, but I still appreciate the quality and beauty of this fragrance (and would enjoy smelling it on others). As a side note, this perfume's name doesn't suit it; there's nothing Reckless about it. This fragrance is well-mannered, graceful, feminine and comforting.
By   - Designer  from Australia on 2/19/2019
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