V - Accento

Eau de Parfum

100ml $300
50ml $200
0.7ml sample $5
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It is a wonderful scent for anytime of the year, according to my husband, but I prefer it in warm weather. I can tell it is there the next morning, but what I really like is that I have other Spring scents that I can use, the next morning, on my wrists and they do not clash with what was left of Accento on my decolletage and behind my ears and knees. Thanks to my husband's adoration I have a truly amazing fragrance!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 4/29/2019
For me this has been the most mysterious experience. For the first time, with a fragrance, I get nothing, yet every time I walk by or I am in the room my husband comments on how sensual this is and how much he loves it. It is, evidently, very long lasting. I am going only on the many hours later in the day and it still manages to draw his nose to it. I have asked him if it is powdery, fruity, sweet, or flowery and he always says, "No. Sensual". I asked him if is a lady like scent and he responded with, "Yes."
By   - Actress from AMMON on 4/8/2019
I love this scent! Goes on clean and fruity, not sweet though. Then mellows and wears really well. It wakes me up and then has a tone of sophistication throughout the day.
By   - Teacher from Albuquerque on 9/10/2018
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