Corpse Reviver

Eau de Parfum

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Morning breakfast at a diner. Chocolate Chip pancakes a ton of syrup and for more dessert a fresh homemade Cinnamon roll.
By   - Warden of the North from Winterfell on 11/19/2020
I understand the "Corpse" notion of the scent; a surprising dry down of strange, dead, disjointed and decomposed ideas. Unfortunately, I'm missing the "Reviver" notion as nothing seems to unite any of these things into any cohesive, beautiful fragrance. I kept smelling my wrist; but I seemed to be the only one who found it more amusing than repulsive. More like a boozey chocolate cake that was thrown into one of those Odor Shield trash bags, really. Possibly suitable for some sort of loud, goth nightclub that opens at Midnight?
By   - Studying from Minneapolis on 2/20/2020
i am getting sweet nutty raisin prune whiskey soaked cake lol........... holidays ... i adore this very cozy warm on me it would awaken any corpse lol!!!
By   - agent from st pete on 1/4/2020
Freakish, in a fun way. Very “Monster Mash.” Chocolate and booze. The camphor and other notes make it “scary” but very intriguing. Smells like wealthy eccentrics who may or may not have a dead body in the basement. Good for Halloween. Not for the timid.
By   - Healthcare from Little Rock on 12/14/2019
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