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I tend to like the work at Fzotic (formerly Bruno Fazzolari), and I like this one for playing with some of the same odd notes. First among those is the ozone, recognizable from the house’s brilliant Room 237, but accompanied here by the contents of a Dutch still-life -- lemon, bitter orange, rosemary, and a distinctly oceanic driftwood, all very bright in tone. A great masc scent for the masc in your life that’s tired of the usual leather-inflected suspects, and very wearable as a unisex as well.
By   - editor from Seattle on 8/22/2021
So… to me/on me it kinda smells like Axe, but cinnamon… but I don't hate it, i'm gonna give it to the guy and see if he can pull it off. It's like, cinnamon-sexyman. Huh.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
I'm exploring the Discovery Package. FIVE is something else. I'm seeing/smelling a lot of the neroli. I've worn the scent on my t-shirt and re-applied it this evening at home. It's hypnotic. It's more woody on me than citrus-y but it's a winner nonetheless.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 1/23/2018
Update: After wearing this just about every day for the entire summer, I am still completely in love. Everyone loves this on me (especially Mrs. BassMent). It continues to confound me, in that it doesn't smell exactly the same from day to day or situation to situation... very different in the office from when I'm outside in the sun being active. My favorite summer fragrance ever. Going to give it a rest now that the weather is turning chill, and anticipate coming back to it next summer.
By   - Project Manager from Providence, RI on 9/25/2015
This is my new favorite, go-to summer fragrance. It's truly a chameleon... the full bottle doesn't smell entirely like the sample, and indeed, it doesn't smell exactly the same on me from day to day. What you'll experience in general is a bracing explosion of lemon and rosemary when it hits your skin (fantastic after a morning shower), followed by several hours of what seems to be a fairly traditional cologne that is hiding some ozonic elements that keep it refreshing, and finally (and we're talking 6-8 hours in, here), a warm sweetness of neroli that almost suggests sugary orange, and the lingering of the petitgrain. And that's what you'll wake up with in the morning, because this fabulous fragrance has got some serious staying power. I was a bit put off initially by the price tag, and was then slightly stunned when I saw the size of the bottle... but no word of a lie, one spritz of Five will take you all the way through your day and deep into your evening. A winner.
By   - from Providence on 7/10/2015
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