Rundholz Parfums

Sept. 21. 1966

Eau de Parfum

Sept. 21. 1966 Sizes Available:
50ml $140
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Sept. 21. 1966...
This is not my type of fragrance but I give it 5 stars because it is identical to Black Afgano but the price is much much better.
By   - from Brussels on 8/18/2015
I adore this weirdly wonderful scent. It smells like nothing else in my collection, and that, in and of itself is saying something! The beginning is a bit rough, strong green notes. Reminds me of a fresh stalk of rhubarb snapped in two right under my nose. (That'll wake you up. Right?!) Once the green notes begin to settle, there's a brief period of soft florals. The BEST part of Sept. 21 1966 is the dry down! Long lasting, velvety smooth basenotes that hug the skin and invite snuggling. Definitely sample first, it does seem to behave differently on different people.....more so than most fragrances.
By   - from St Louis on 3/21/2015
I tried this hoping it would be another incense fragrance in the same vein as their first creation. Sadly for me I didn't get any incense. The fragrance stayed quite linear on my skin and did not dry down to the woody goodness I was hoping for. I got mostly rhubarb, which reminded me of Ciel Mon Jardin and the newer Aedes fragrances. Great if you enjoy rhubarb.
By   - Vintage Clothing Dealer from Redwood City on 2/6/2015
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