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Eye, Hatshepsut

Eau de Parfum

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Strange, softly lingering, close to the skin. It's haunting in an odd way. Sort of sharp and minty, yet quite gentle. I thought it had little longevity at first, but it stayed for hours on my skin, just sort of there. It's faded like an ancient papyrus. You could get away with wearing in at the office, because no one but you could smell it.
By   - writer from DC on 2/8/2020
I tried a sample, then bought a full size without hesitation. As an Egyptian theme perfume, it was amazing: Both masculine and feminine, both threatening and alluring, both about to 'attack' and about to accept...Mysterious and impressive as King Hatshepsut. The packaging was also unique.
By   - Student from Pittsburgh on 2/18/2018
This one is interesting. I had heard of some perfumes (usually associated with a type of jasmine, if I recall) having a “fecal” quality, but I had never personally encountered one until now. First whiff from the vial was a strong, throwback glam fragrance; it gave me flashbacks of playing dress-up at my grandmother’s house and smelling residue from her perfume bottles. But on my skin? The tractor-beam level feminine still leads but is accompanied by an enduring air of something undeniably … poop-like. There’s no jasmine listed in the notes, so I don’t know what is generating it, but wow. The overall effect is bold and unapologetic, and that’s appealing, but at least on me, sadly unwearable.
By   - School administrator from Jacksonville on 2/23/2017
As with the god/dess in question, starts femme goes...elsewhere. The topnote on this fragrance is truly floral-hyperfemme, but give it a couple of minutes and let tallow, smoke, and papyrus elbow their way to the stage. (Did anyone really believe the firm that brought us Asphalt Rainbow would abandon us in a flower garden?) Once they're in place we're off to somewhere ancient, smoky, cool, a bit dry (I see you, orris butter), with just a trace of a musk base note to keep things on a human scale. I'm betting this is how the library at Hogwarts smells, and I am here for it.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/20/2016
This is definitely not unisex. While not a bad scent it swings heavily in the feminine direction. Only 3 stars because it's miss-classified as unisex.
By   - Move Star from Phoenix on 7/18/2016
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