Oumma Sizes Available:
50ml $485
0.7ml sample $7
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Here's what other people are saying about Oumma...
Stéphane Humbert Lucas never failed to surprise me. This one feels somewhat ''cold'', somewhat ''push backward'' or a sense of distant. Like icy cold diamond dust.
By   - Student from Pittsburgh on 2/18/2018
I disagree with the previous reviewer. I find this fairly typical of synthetic floral oud fragrances that are so common these days. Very sweet, gave me a headache.
By   - Teacher  from Chi on 10/6/2017
Incomparably smooth, yet strikingly sharp at first, unbelievably well composed, I need it. I want it. Now, I just need to convince my credit cards.
By   - Retired Academician.  from Homer, LA. on 5/27/2015
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