Stephane Humbert Lucas 777


Eau de Parfum

50ml $225
0.7ml sample $5
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Fascinating smoky floral scent. Definitely seems to be a polarizing since some people in my life love it and others hate it. My nose picks up the leather and sandalwood more than any vanilla, but overall this gives the wearer a powerful dominant vibe and is well blended. Longevity is lacking.
By   - Counseling Psychologist  from elkton on 3/10/2021
The latest SHL offering, a magnetic floral woody musk perfume designed as a homage to the female praying mantis, is an attempt to depart from his usual Oriental style and create a more straightforward feminine scent of the nineties. The results are a bit mixed to be candid. The perfume begins with a whiff of aldehydes, leather, jasmine and bergamot. The heart contains honey, orris, sandalwood and labdanum. The perfume settles on a musky note with the synthetic animal musk shangrilade, patchouli, vanilla and opoponax. The perfume (previously called ‘In the Wood for Love’ prior to market release) exudes a feminine musky warmth and is very well blended with moderate sillage, projection and good longevity. W
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
A wisp, a suggestion. This is sublime. I noticed this shares some of the front-loaded notes of Whispered Myths by Imaginary Authors, but a soft-effect whiff rather than a kitchy finer point. It has that same appeal of opening a really old book while visiting the seaside: the sweet dry aged smell of vintage paperback with a super-faint citronella on the outskirts and soft salty air. I really love this. It's the most atmospheric perfume I've tried yet.
By   - Phantom from L.A. on 12/14/2018
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