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Beautiful, soft, soulful....... Lovely Iris notes and (to me) a soapy tropical vibe.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 1/10/2021
A hopelessly nostaglic scent for me. As a teenager, I used to wear a Caswell Massey cucumber eau de cologne, long since discontinued. I've been hunting for a bottle of it for a while, but in opening a sample of this juice, I may have done myself a few turns better. What a rush back to simpler days -- sweet, with its violet and carrot seed, and clean, clean mimosa. My old Caswell Massey cucumber was always an abstract cucumber anyway, but the top of this one is a dead ringer. The dry down of Willows is more herbaceous and grown-up and layered, but it maintains enough of the fairy dust that drew me as a kid that I had to have a bottle. It's the scent of the sweetheart I wish I was (but totally wasn't) at 14.
By   - education from Boston on 2/2/2018
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