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Nymphaea Caerulea

Extrait de Parfum

Nymphaea Caerulea Sizes Available:
8ml $715
10 drops
10 drops sample $20
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Here's what other people are saying about Nymphaea Caerulea...
A truly one-of-a-kind experience. My first impression was negative - to put it simply, I just did not feel it was an attractive scent! However, as I became more familiar with it, I grew to love it and it is now a favorite in my collection of 100 or so FBs. It is also quite interesting that what you are smelling is true ambergris, after hearing and reading so much about it but rarely being given the opportunity to take a whiff of the real thing. Very pricey for a teeny-tiny bottle but worth every penny, IMHO. I also love Nitesurf and Fauna from this line.
By   - Attorney from New York on 7/8/2016
Try a sample before you buy. I was not impressed, perhaps because this particular scent really isn´t what I would usually choose. My favorite scents are green, unisex, milky or herbal. Nymphea certainly is made from high-quality stuff, but is more of an aquatic (surprise) floral.
By   - Science communicator from Sweden on 8/7/2014
I am so excited to be the first to comment on this collection. I was lucky enough to sample this line at an early event and have been anticipating its arrival since. As someone who has been a perfume collector for years and an avid reader of any fragrance related news or blogs, I can say it takes a lot to catch my attention in the overly swamped world of new releases. Even niche new releases. This line is finally something really new, totally unique, and executed with perfection. I was lucky enough to visit the studio where these fragrances are hand blended and as a fragrance fanatic it was amazing, I smelled ingredients that are frequently referenced but very unusually actually used in their natural form. Real ambergris, extractions of blue lotus, absolutes of tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle, and tiare... All of which are so much more lush and complex and emotionally inspiring than their synthetic imitators. Not to say this is one of those entirely natural, one-step-up-from-blending-essential-oils lines, this is real classical perfumery, a symphony of natural and synthetic notes that are blended into the most memorable and unique fragrances I have ever come across. This is perfume by true lovers of fragrance and it shows. I hadn't realized the massive difference in using real absolutes and how that actually translates within a fragrance because it is so rarely ever done, but it is incredible. The subtleties and complexities of the real ingredients provide almost a magical quality, perhaps because it comes from something alive it has this extra je-ne-sais-qua that is mind blowing. An emotional element is the best way I can describe it, but it is unmistakable in these fragrances. Though each fragrance in this opening collection is remarkable, Nymphaea is clearly the crown jewel of Regime. It is fitting that it is the most powerful emotionally of the fragrances because it has the highest concentration of rare natural ingredients. It is more than just a fragrance, it sticks in your mind and soul. It is such an uncommon experience, it draws an emotional, visceral reaction as it wears over time. Its like an opera of a fragrance, the way it unfolds in an epic glorious performance. But that doesn't mean overpowering or strong in the invasive sense, there is no sharpness about it, its a more enveloping, lush strength. I find a lot of fragrances to be similar to music in how they communicate an emotional state, and Nymphaea does this in the most powerful way I’ve experienced. It takes these rare ingredients and composes them in their true form so beautifully, it is a heart wrenching experience. Its a masterpiece.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles on 5/3/2014
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